17 May 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Chicago – International Restaurant Show May 21 – 24

The boys@taverntoys.com are at it again…  Heading off to Chicago to the International Restaurant Show to exhibit their galactically famous cooling beer tower dispenser – The BrewTender® booth 634…  Ah Chicago, the windy city on the inland sea Lake Michigan… So beautiful Chicago is with all of its hundreds if not thousands of specialty destinations this guy likes to refer to as… Irish Pubs!!!  Yes indeed lad’s and lassies… This guy loves an Irish Pub like a sailor loves his rum, or an Irishman loves his whisky would perhaps be more apply put.  Chicago, home of such cosmically famous  gin-joints (Guinness joints that is) as: Timothy O’ Tooles (where you will find BrewTender’s® I might add), Fado’s and a myriad, no… more like a cornucopia – Ney, I’d go so far as to say a plethora (that’s it, I said it… Plethora!) of blarney second only to Dublin (Graceland; for those filled with blarney) herself!  And lest us not forget one of the most famous miracle-miles of them all (miracle-mile sounds better than miracle-Kilometer, don’t you think?)… Rush street – Where one can find perhaps as many as one zillion Irish Pub’s simply by leaning in the wind (windy city) a few feet (not fall… be sure to not fall!) in any direction.  And on that note, leaning not falling – I leave you with some words of inspiration, if not wisdom… from I think… Will Ferrell. (Paraphrased – please correct me if I’m mistaken with my source)… I think it went something like this – I’d like to make a beer called “Drink Responsibly” that way all the other breweries advertise for me!   Now, make no mistake, this guy’s a serious advocate for responsible drinking – However, doesn’t it seem that the very phrase “Please drink responsibly!”  Suggest’s that we are being asked though be it nicely, to drink?  In moderation of course… And always, always of course from a BrewTender®…  Well boys@taverntoys.com, stay healthy, do well and sell, sell, sell – And if just showing/telling everyone at the trade show how awesome the BrewTender® is, doesn’t work – Hit them over the head with a shillaly, knock some frigging sense in em!  (non violent selling techniques of course being my first suggestion) – But heck, after all that’s just this guy’s opinion – lol

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