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Happy Halloween – BooTender style!

For all you party animals out there; including but not limited to: Lycanthropes, Sanguinarians, Witches and Wizards.  Here’s a Halloween party-tip that’s sure to make all your quests -

 ”Howl at the Moon” with fright! and delight!!


From the journal of two ”Mad” party guys: FRANK & STEIN  (aka: Martin & Dave)

                                                                 How we created the Monster – The BooTender

First… Decorate your BrewTender with all sorts of ghosties and goblins (cut-outs/sticker-decals) - by doing that you’ve taken the first important step to having your BrewTender liven up the party. 

Second… Fill your trusty BrewTender’s ice-chamber 3/4 full with ice (cubes or crushed) and top the ice chamber off with some dry-ice!  This will create an awesome mad-scientist test-tube effect, as the vapor created flows eerily from the top of your BrewTender, down and all about it…  Make sure you fill your BrewTender’s beverage chamber with your favorite witches-brew (lime green color -or- red color beverage), is especially striking!  Then, switch-on your BrewTender’s internal lantern, watch it “glow” as the mysterious fog abounds from your now… ”BooTender!” - that is… alive! It’s………. ALIVE!!

Third… Drink/party responsibly!

What’s that you say..? You don’t own the one and only: BrewTender/BooTender - famous from here to; Transylvania… and all points in-between…

Frank & Stein – just happen to have (one or more), that you and your upcoming party go-er’s can sink your fangs into! by trick or treating:  www.taverntoys.com

That’s one Ghouls opinion – AH - HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!!!!!!!!

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