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11 November 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Favorite Watering Holes – This Guys Opinion

If you find yourself in the College city of Cortland, NY… This guys watering hole of choice is: The Dark Horse Tavern.

Great food, great drinks and yes… Great fun!  Oh and when you’re there.  Make sure you have your favorite hop and barley libation served the way God and country intended it – Why in a BrewTender of course.  So check out what all the fun in Cortlands about by visiting their website: www.darkhorsecortland.com


25 October 2010 ~ 0 Comments

If you like bud light and miller, and playing pong in the pool.

Introducing port-o-pong.  The portable, inflatable, water-proof, light weight, bring anywhere, do-anything, radical, fantastical beer pong table!

Port-o-pong is perfect if you’re looking for a beer pong table, but don’t want something large and bulky to lug around.  It is hands down the lightest, most portable, and easiest to store table out there.

But, that’s not even the best part… What could be better?  It floats!
And what does that mean?  Think about it…

Beer + Pool = Gooood.

01 October 2010 ~ 3 Comments

Pimp Your Picnic Basket (And don’t forget the wine!)

I’ve had my eye on this for a while.  From the moment I saw room for not one – but TWO – wine bottles, matching napkins, and a cheesboard… I knew it was for me.  What am I referring to?  I like to call it my pimped out picnic basket!  This “basket” resembles more of a golf bag or leather backpack than it does a basket and its shape allows it to efficiently hold everything you might need for a wine-lovers picnic on the go.  It comes with everything you need to slice cheese, open and re-cork wine and is even insulated (lunch-box style) to keep your wine cold!

My boyfriend and I decided to try out our new goodie for the first time at one of the hippest picnic spots in LA,  a concert at The Hollywood Bowl.   The Hollywood Bowl is a unique venue in that it allows you to BYOBF (bring your own booze and food)!

Adam enjoying the pre-concert picnic at the Hollywood Bowl with our new basket

We could feel the envious eyes of newbies at the Bowl who did not know about the all-you-can-drink clause eyeing our nicely chilled wine bottles as I sliced some havarti on the cheese board.  All in all it was a perfect addition to our evening and the nice touches like leather, matching napkins and fun accessories make it a perfect gift for anyone who loves a glass of the grape on the go.

To buy: Wine Tote – Wine & Cheese Service for Two, $57.95 Available at TavernToys.com