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Helpful tips on filling and serving from your BrewTender

The following are (4) great tips when using the BrewTender commercially or at home. Some we came up with from our own design/test-marketing/experience… Some we’ve received from various Pubs & Sports Bars that are successfully and proudly using the BrewTender™.

Tip (1)

To minimize foaming during filling with carbonated beverages: Before filling the BrewTender from the tap or container, first fill the ice-chamber with ice and insert into the BrewTender… Tilt the BrewTender slightly while gently filling the beverage chamber against the beverage chamber wall.

Even greater reduction of foaming can be achieved simply by rinsing the BrewTender with cold water prior to filling, whereby damping and cooling down the beverage chamber – this really helps!

Bar-Tenders & Servers
Tip (2)

Carrying the BrewTender: It is best to place one hand just under the raised boss area on the base (where the tap connects with the base)… This will stabilize the BrewTender when filled and make carrying it with balance and confidence – easy!

Tip (3)

Lazy-Suzan: Before bringing the filled BrewTender to the table - It may work best for the server to pre-place the Lazy-Suzan on the table… this way the server needs only to bring the filled BrewTender to the table and place it onto the Lazy-Suzan - for everyone to enjoy!

Tip (4)

Lighting the BrewTender: When using the lighting device, it is easiest to switch on the light before the BrewTender is brought to the table. After the Bartender has filled the BrewTender, and hands the BrewTender to the server, either the server or the bartender clicks the bottom switch on. The server then takes the lit-up BrewTender over to the table – showcasing your premium Beer!

Trouble Shooting Tips
If the Tap is dripping/leaking:

If your BrewTender’s tap/faucet is dripping or leaking, generally this means the internal plunger is not snug enough to make proper contact within the tap-mechanism. This usually can be easily remedied… Simply twist the horizontal threaded screw-piece located just beneath the tap-handle clockwise (to tighten). The screw-piece has external finger-grip protrusions for easy manipulation.

Note: When tightening, a little is a lot - Do not over-tighten! Over-tightening may cause permanent damage.

Extra Light-bulbs

Each BrewTender comes with 2 additional (spare) lantern lighting system light-bulbs. You will find these spare bulbs incased within a transparent housing attached to the lantern lighting systems bottom base-plate next to the battery housing.

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