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BrewTender boys:
Your product is awesome! I just hosted a backyard bar-b-q party and the BrewTender was a huge hit… What kind of deal can I get if I buy around 4-6 more for gifts?
Del M.

Wanted you guy’s to know that my roommates and myself are having good times with your product, The BrewTender… Whenever we fill it up, the party just happens! All my friends are gonna be getting these (BrewTenders) party on!
P.S. Also like your company name – TavernToys, that pretty much says it all!
Dan G.
New Jersey

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that your BrewTender has been the best Christmas gift that I’ve ever purchased for my husband, he loves it! My husband is a real Sports nut, he never watches a game without his BrewTender close by filled with his favorite drink. If you have a mailing list or something like that… Please let me know if you’ve any other great gift products that you may offer.
Sincerely grateful!
Susan G.
Boulder Colorado

Hi Mart & Dave
I just got my BrewTender the other day. I’ve got to tell you guy’z that you have a great product! How’d you ever think the BrewTender up - It solves all my beer drinking problems. I love cold beer! And hate constantly having to run to the fridge during ballgames and party’s… Now I have plenty cold beer at my fingertips… I Love it!
Randy J.
Las Vegas, Nevada

To whom it may concern:
We purchased 10 of your BrewTenders for our Women’s club for various events that we sponsor throughout the year… Your product was a huge hit last Thursday at our annual Silent Auction and formal Dinner. We had BrewTenders at various locations throughout the room, nobody had to stand in long lines to pour themselves various beverages. Have you considered marketing your product to Catering Business’s? for (Wedding Receptions, Party’s, etc.) I have a friend who might be interested in talking with you about just that.
Warm Regards,
Peggy J.
Baton Rouge, LA

Dear Mart & Dave,
I just wanted to let you know ho much I enjoy my BrewTender. Myself and several of my friends have one and each thoroughly enjoy your product. It expecially makes a great party favor for Sunday football games! I would recommend one to anyone!
Robert B.

WOW guys, you are surely my new heroes! I never expected that kind of service. I’m truly impressed with your product the BrewTender and cannot wait to see the jealous eyes of all my drinking buddies! Please feel free to use me as a testimonial on your site. I wholeheartedly endorse you boys and your outstanding service!
Thanks again guys!
Dave D.
London, Ontario

Hey Mart & Dave!
I received the new Brew Tender and guess what? IT WORKS!!! You guys are AWESOME! Thank you so much...FOR MAKING SURE I WAS SATISFIED WITH YOUR PRODUCT! I will recommend you guys to every partier I know! Going to go fill mine up now and sit back and relax....AhhhhhhhThanks again,

To: Theboys@TavernToys.com
I have purchased BrewTender’s a few times from you over the past couple of years for myself and my husband, for our catering business. As well as, I have bought them and given them as gifts to friends and family. I recently checked back on your all new designed website (very nice!) to see what additional BrewTender accessories you offer. Much to my delight I see you know offer all kinds of really nice gift items in addition to the BrewTender. I am especially excited to see you now sell wine-accessories. And so many other great products for home-bar use - Fantastic items perfect for parties and tailgating. Because of the great service I’ve always received from your fine company. I will definitely be buying many of my Christmas Gifts from www.taverntoys.com
Beverly S.
Allentown, PA

I just got my BrewTender drink towers. My customers love them! I tried several other beer-tube tower style dispensers in the past; but yours is by far the best! Easy for my servers to fill and get them to the tables. And their tough/durable, not like those flimsy ridiculously tall tube dispensers. That we used to fight with while trying to fill and keep clean. You guy’s have a winner with the BrewTender - I‘ll be buying a bunch more soon!
Best Regards,
Jay N.
Chicago, IL

Dear boys@taverntoys:
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent service. I received my BrewTender beverage dispenser faster than I thought possible! Even though I ordered late and didn‘t expect it to make it. To my delight it arrived in time to give as a great gift to my brother for his birthday! My brother will go nuts when he sees it. I know, because I bought one for myself last month, It‘s awesome!
Many thanks,
Dale S.
Spokane, WA

Hi BrewTender boys,
I just received my BrewTender - I love it!!! I saw them while on vacation in Las Vegas. When I got home I Google’d to find its actual name… We called them Power Towers. I can’t remember exactly which place we had drinks in them, but I know it was on the Strip… It was my twenty first birthday, so my memory is a little hazy! lol - What an awesome idea, I love it!!!
Jill B.
Minneapolis, MN

Just thought you should know…
I’ve had drinks from all sorts of tap-dispensers you hear called Beer Towers, Beer Tubes, Booze Tubes, Drink Towers, and such like that… But yours, the BrewTender, in my opinion is by far the best of them. First off, they’re not stupid-tall as to be clumsy to use. But what blew me away is when the bar I seen them at had them lighted-up, I mean Wow! And it kept the beer cold, and I mean to the last glass. Them others, forget about it… I talked the establishment into giving out your company name. So I bought one and use it for lots of stuff. And for Tailgating, it’s the greatest!
John M.
Atlantic City, N.J.

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